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Next Load by David Alvarez video DOWNLOAD

Next Load by David Alvarez video DOWNLOAD

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Next Load is a set of five inspiring close-up magic routines.

You will definitely love some of what you can find here no matter if you are a pro or just a beginner!

A look at the routines:

1. AD Aces: Works perfect as an opener! Show four Jokers and have them change to Aces. No gimmick!

2. Lucid Vanishing: This looks great! Basically take your favorite coin or borrow one from your audience and now show your power to vanish it in a very lucid way inside your fist. They definitely won't believe it!

3. Simple Transposition: The time has come for four cards of the same value and one freely chosen by your audience to be teleported in space-time, the funny thing is that it will not only happen once but twice in front of everyone's noses!

4. Displaced by fire: Is there something more visual than fire? Nothing is! Make an impression on your spectators' minds with this heartwarming routine where you transform a smiley face drawn on a sheet of paper and placed on top of a chosen card into a smiley face sticker completely adhered to the card; all this between the flames. Now you have a magnificent gift to deliver!

5. Traversed: Make the matter melt to the point of being able to pass through it when you take a ring from a soda can and a rubber band and in the blink of an eye they are already inside each other. Fully examinable upon completion of his act!

Activate Next Load and impress with your close-up magic!
  • Visual magic
  • Easy to perform
  • Practical
  • Very fun
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